2024 International Fisheries Science Prize Awarded to Dr. Ana Parma

The WCFS is pleased to announced that the 2024 International Fisheries Science Prize was awarded to Dr. Ana Parma at the 9th World Fisheries Congress in Seattle, Washington in March, 2024. The International Fisheries Science Prize honors an organization or an individual who has made a significant contribution to global fisheries science or conservation and is awarded every four years.

Dr. Ana Parma is a Principal Scientist with the Argentine National Scientific and Technological Research Council, working at the National Patagonic Center in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. She earned her Ph.D. in Fisheries Science in 1989 from the University of Washington, and was an assessment scientist at the International Pacific Halibut Commission until 2000, when she returned to Argentina. Dr. Parma has worked on different aspects of fisheries modeling, assessment and management of diverse fisheries, ranging from artisanal shellfish fisheries to large-scale international tuna fisheries. Her research has focused on the evaluation and design of management strategies, attending to ecological and institutional dimensions, both in data-rich and in data and capacity-limited contexts.

Congratulations, Dr. Parma!

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