Request for bids to host the 2028 World Fisheries Congress

The World Council of Fisheries Societies is a nonprofit, nongovernmental membership organization open to scientific or professional fisheries societies and affiliated organizations. Other fisheries organizations may become affiliates of the Council by a vote of the Council’s Executive Board. The Council’s headquarters and Secretariat are presently located in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, at the headquarters of the American Fisheries Society.

Current WCFS members include:
• The Fisheries Society of the British Isles
• American Fisheries Society
• Australian Society for Fish Biology
• Iberian Society of Ichthyologists
• Japanese Society of Fisheries Science
• The World Sturgeon Conservation Society
• Zoological Society of Pakistan
• Indian Society of Fisheries Professionals
• Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
• Brazilian Society of Ichthyology
• Pan-Hellenic Society of Technologists Ichthyologists
• Malaysian Fisheries Society

The main aim of the Council is to promote international cooperation in fisheries science, conservation, and management. Cooperative work includes encouraging sustainable management practices, promoting excellence in fisheries research, and emphasizing the need of the wise use of fishery resources. One of the primary functions of the WCFS is organize the World Fisheries Congress (WFC or Congress) every four years. The WFC is the general assembly of the Member organizations of the Council, their individual members, and other attendees, and brings together the global community of fisheries scientist to discuss cutting edge technical and scientific issues. The President of the Council, or a designated person, presides in person over meetings of the Congress.

The World Council of Fisheries Societies is seeking a member organization to host the 10th World Fisheries Congress in 2028. Bids will be accepted between now and 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, June 1, 2023. Hosting of the 10th World Fisheries Congress is a significant event and creates an amazing opportunity to gather together fisheries leadership from over 70 countries. For more information on the bid requirements and submission instructions, visit

If a fisheries society that is not a member of WCFS is interested in submitting a bid, they must apply and successfully be given WCFS member status prior to submission. Applying for membership in the WCFS is a very simple process that involves submitting a letter of intent. For more information about applying for membership in the WCFS, please contact us at

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