5th World Fisheries Congress – 2008 – Yokohama, Japan

Fisheries for Global Welfare and Conservation

[An official meeting of the World Council of Fisheries Societies and hosted by the Japanese Society of Fisheries Sciences, Science Council of Japan and Fisheries Research Agency.]The 5th World Fisheries Congress in Yokohama, Japan, in 2008, will be a five-day conference focused on current global aquatic issues and sustainable fisheries, including among other topics, fish habitats and ecosystems (marine and freshwater), and the effective utilization of fish, shellfish and algae resources.

We have been consuming aquatic bioresources as food and as a source for industrials at an unsustainable rate, resulting in overfishing and irreversible damages to the ecosystem and environment. Sustainability and effective utilization of aquatic bioresources require that we keep a balance between the welfare of human beings and that of other species which support human life. The 5th World Fisheries Congress will contribute to the resolution of important issues which are threatening to both human beings and aquatic organisms. The attendees are expected to share a viewpoint of global welfare based on their own backgrounds and experience.

The aquatic bioresources used for human consumption are limited, while global climate changes and natural disasters threaten extinction of many species. We should seriously consider what future will await our offspring if effective management is not brought into action promptly. The Congress, through its contributed papers and posters, will report on and discuss all phenomena or findings related to the conservation or restoration of natural ecosystems. The primary objective is to provide a meeting ground for scientists and professionals from around the globe to share their information.

Plenary talks will focus on reviews on the topical theme, while satellite meetings will be held to address issues of temporal and spatial importance. Such issues may include: capture fisheries; aquaculture; post-harvest technology; marine biomass; freshwater; coastal and marine environments; socioeconomics; and international cooperation, as well as education and outreach.

Fisheries for Global Welfare and Environment: Memorial Book of the 5th World Fisheries Congress 2008

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